Wrapping Up Phase I … Really

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s really hard to believe, but we’re kind of getting close to declaring Mission Accomplished. Of course, we have more projects to come, but we’ll be ready to show off the place soon. And have guests. Which is good, because a friend of ours is arriving Wednesday. He will, in fact, have a room to sleep in.

I keep looking back at the photos on this blog, and on my phone, and am amazed that we managed to pull this off. Good lord, were we ambitious. And overly optimistic on the amount of work we can do in a single day — that irrational exuberance continues. Still, we’re pretty excited. We’ve got some more light fixtures to replace, and some cleaning and additional little tasks (more caulking), but at least the days of generating huge amounts of trash are over.

Now, for a slapdash mini-tour.

The front door was dirty, and the moulding was falling apart. I caulked it up and Amy gave the door some character. Some new plants help (a second planter with the same plants is just below the light, which will be replaced, too).

Once you enter the new front door, you have a choice: climb the lovely new stairs, or head through the little hallway to the kitchen and living area. (Don't go upstairs without taking your shoes off!) Remember these stairs? Used to be covered in nasty carpet, stapled down with probably 4,000 staples. Maybe even a million. I'm just not sure.

Come on in, grab an ice-cold beer -- 38 degrees in the fridge, -2 in the freezer. Amy will tell you this makes bomb pops a weapon of lip destruction.

A Mose's-eye view of the kitchen, from his water goblet.

A closer look at the backsplash (still need a little more grout for one section, and Home Depot has been out of stock -- gah). And the touch-sensitive faucet, which has been far more useful than I would have suspected.

The closet formerly known as Hole in the Wall.

Just in time for record-breaking heat, the patio umbrella comes.

  1. Flora says:

    This is amazing, guys. Truly. Good job!

  2. Erin Williams says:

    So, can you rename the blog Bitchin’ Stairs, cuz the wallpaper treatment on them looks incredible. Makes me wish we didn’t have a ranch! House looks great — you guys should be proud of all the work you did.

  3. Cory says:

    Looks great!! I love the color of the front door!

  4. Justin says:

    Thanks everyone! For commenting and reading!

  5. Sheryl says:

    Just Wonderful! You should be so proud! The stair treatment is amazing. Love the backsplash, the whole kitchen, even the curtains are special. Job well done, indeed!

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