Time to Move

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, we’ll be moving in just a couple of days. As I look back through this blog, I find it hard to believe how different the place is. I’m sitting here, surrounded by stacks of boxes, and can barely remember the days before we were doing all of this renovation work. It will be a relief to finally move. And I can’t wait for that first cold beer on the back patio, while the dog sniffs around his backyard to his heart’s content.

I’ll spare you some of the incremental improvements in the kitchen and living room. For the kitchen, the key now is the counter and sink — and once that’s in, Amy can put up her fantastic backsplash. The living room will come together eventually. This summer, we’re going to spend a great deal of our time outside, anyway.

But, here are a couple of pictures of the bedrooms, looking pretty close to finished.

The master bedroom. Nice refinished floors, installed by us. Those sconces are ugly, but that's fixable.

The office-slash-spare-bedroom. Again -- but with baseboards!

The move is days away, and a whole bunch of our outdoor furniture will come, too. And an epic order from Astor Wines to stock our bar and wine fridge.

Can’t wait.


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