Ready for a Day Off

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey there. We planned on taking tomorrow off from house work, just to give ourselves a break before it’s time to start packing and panicking. But, since the floor guys did a pretty weak job (bubbles in the floor, almost everywhere, in addition to stray hairs), they’re coming back tomorrow to re-buff the floors and lay a final coat of poly, again.

We probably could have even used the day to finish off a couple of little things, but now the place will be off-limits for the day. I’ll do some gardening work, if it’s not raining, while the guys work. Then movie, dinner and packing.

However, we’re pretty much ready to move in. There’s still lots and lots to do, but the work that needed to be done so we could move in, is done.

Yesterday, we turned a hole in the wall between the two bedrooms into a closet. It was messy work, but we’re pretty excited that we’ve turned it into usable space. Whoever closed the hole left us a pile of construction debris and drywall. Which was super awesome. Anyway, we cleared that business yesterday, and now have a closet.

The kitchen started to come together further yesterday and today, and the whole place has been painted. The ceilings will need to be painted … weekend project! And the baseboards have been put back in place. It actually looks like a place that we might be willing to live in. Finally!

Now, more pictures! (Sorry about the same angles on the kitchen. Soon we’ll have some good wide shots.)

This used to be hollow wall! What the hell?

The kitchen grows ever closer. Pretty soon, we'll plug in -- and then stock -- the wine fridge.

I should have taken the shot with the baseboards reattached.

Coat one on the Stairs From Hell. We've got a surprise finish for them. Just you wait. It will blow minds!


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