We Have a Patio Again

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thursday was another big day, although we didn’t get every last thing checked off the list, and will have bits and pieces to check off before our next big weekend of work. But we did get four big things taken care of on Thursday.

Remember this?

I wish I had a better shot of all the trash.

Well, it’s gone. And now we have the patio clear for the furniture and grill. We’ll order that soon.

And with pleasant afternoon sun! I can almost smell the brats on the grill.

One more pic, just because it’s that exciting.

Everything could use to be cleaned, but still: awesome!

In addition to this bit of excitement, we’ve got a new rubber roof. The old one, miraculously, wasn’t leaking, but the house was definitely in need of a new roof. When one roofer came two weeks ago to give us an estimate, he found about 18 inches of water in spots. He kicked loose the gutter and water gushed down over the side where the roof drains at the gutter. The roofer we hired also cleaned out the gutter. So, new roof, clean gutters = happy, dry us. (I didn’t get a photo of the new roof yet. I will soon.)

Amy worked like crazy and built all of the kitchen cabinets on Thursday, as well. She’s a machine. A machine capable of interpreting Ikea directions in real time, no less.

Last one. Lucky for them.

So, let’s see. New roof, clean patio, kitchen cabinets built …

Oh yeah. Our new range was delivered, and so was our lawn mower. Back in Louisville I reckoned I could get by with an old-timey push mower. And that yard was larger than this one. But what really happened in Louisville: I borrowed the neighbor’s gas mower every couple of weeks when I heard him mowing. I’d ask him to leave it out. I’m pretty sure Amy baked them some cookies once or twice — he’d never let me buy his next can of gas for it. Here, with a smaller yard, would I go with the old-timey push mower? Hell no. I did, however, get an electric push mower. We don’t exactly have a garage to keep a gas can in.

And the big ol range will just have to sit in its crate in the kitchen while we finish off the rest of the cabinet work and whatnot. Soon enough, though!

Hopefully a really bad-ass range is in here.

Lastly, and leastly, I continued to spend my precious free time on the stairs from hell. I went through a couple of tubs of wood putty after taking the orbital sander to the stairs. More sanding, more putty, more caulking await. I’m super pumped for that!

  1. Philip Gray-Long says:

    Good timing for the patio! You can at least stand out there and drink your nano-kegs for Memorial Day.

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