Big Day in Queens

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

New Nano-Kegs! Exciting!

Most days, this would be the biggest, most exciting thing that would happen. Sixpoint is finally selling cans (sorry, nano-kegs) directly to consumers, branching out from regular kegs at bars. Delicious beer, at home!

That would normally be a pretty exciting part of my day. But not today.

Today, our kitchen now looks like this:

The kitchen tile is down!

And it’s all thanks to Amy.

Just cold tilin'.

We kicked off the day at the house by putting down the tile for the kitchen. Finally, we’re really starting to see the progress. It was a good day on that front, but given how much attention we’re paying to the kitchen, seeing progress here is very exciting. While Amy was tiling, I tried to keep busy in the master bedroom. We removed the radiators (before Amy got down to tiling, actually), and I started tearing out the rotted and poorly installed wood that was already there as a repair to the subfloor. Like everything in this house, we’ll treat and maintain our radiators a little bit better than the previous owners.

The old, poorly repaired subfloor under the radiators.

Making progress, armed with a circular saw.

The tar paper goes down.

It wasn’t necessarily on the calendar for today, but it was something I could do solo while Amy did the tile, so I got to work. And I was itching to use the circular saw and quit staring at the unpleasant subfloor up there. Soon we’ll be installing the new red oak flooring, which we’ll finish to match the whole house. We went to Lumber Liquidators on Sunday to pick up the wood.

The new floor for the master bedroom, on the nice old floor in the office/spare bedroom.

While we did that on Sunday before work, we happened upon a street fair. This fair, in fact, pushed a hell of a lot of traffic onto our street. This involved quite a bit of impatient honking. But the grilled corn might have been worth it.

The street fair had it all: grilled corn, fried dough, and more.

In other news, the weedwhacker was delivered yesterday. UPS left it by the side of the house, and luckily it was still there by the time we stopped by. But it seems like the UPS route hits our place at a good time for our daily routine. Today, the mower arrived. I’m still waiting for the young grass to thicken and spread, so I didn’t mow. But I did take the weedwhacker for a spin. For a plug-in, it seems to be really tough and capable. I was hacking through some thick weeds.

Take that, weeds! (Most of our lawn, at present.)

Amy got three base cabinets built at the end of the day, and there’s more big stuff coming tomorrow. This is shaping up to be a much more productive and fulfilling weekend than last weekend.

Oh, and maybe Sixpoint’s Sweet Action nano-kegs (the next style to hit stores) will be at the grocery on our way home.

  1. Cass says:

    Ah, beer-fueled home remodeling. The only way to go. Are you sand-blasting the radiators?

  2. Justin says:

    No sandblasting. We’re replacing one from the kitchen with a big tall old-timey radiator. And we’ll start to replace the others as money allows. Some are cleaner and in better shape than others. And they’re paintable, I suppose.

    • cass says:

      Yup, paintable, though most have been painted a number of times and sort of lose their definition. Most of ours were generic-finned radiators, nothing special. We repainted those. But a couple were beautifully wrought with deco-y designs under a gazillion layers of paint. Those we sand-blasted.

      The patio looks great!

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