About to Turn the Corner

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Pretty soon, all of the demolition work will be complete, and instead of knocking stuff out, we’ll be putting stuff in. And cleaning. So much cleaning.

Just the last bit of tile to come up before we can start putting down tile ourselves.

We wanted to have a clean slate after our weekend this week, but it wasn’t quite to be. The tile in the kitchen isn’t chiseling up quite as easily as hoped, and the staples on the stairs that once held down gross carpet are incredible. And there are 30 or 40 of them per step. Our prybar and pliers can only do so much, so we ordered Vise Grips last night and got Amazon to overnight them. That should help speed that up, at least a little.

The new kitchen arrived from Ikea, and we’ll start putting that together next week. We still have to pick a range and refrigerator, but we’re zeroing in on both. The old fridge has gone to the basement — had to pry off the door frame to squeeze it through! — to become … the Beer Fridge.

I got grass seed down this weekend, too, and it looks like we might see some steady rain in the forecast. Let’s hope, and let’s hope we’ll see some grass take over the bare spots in the yard.

We’re at the subfloor upstairs, finally, as well. We discovered a couple of weird things in the floor up there. First, there was some cutesy linoleum, where there must have been a child’s room. And also, some newspaper pages from 1912 — The New York Evening Journal — that must have been to help level the floor a little. Roosevelt was leading the Ohio primary.

We’ll be buying the wood for the upstairs floors soon. Even though we did finally get down to the wood up there, it’s not worth refinishing. Unfortunately.

Oh, and another week demanded another Home Depot trip. Some drywall, cement board, self-leveling compound, and an array of other fun things.

But we’re ecstatic that soon we’ll be improving instead of demolishing.

A few more photos

Starting with this ...

... Which will become this.

  1. Jaime says:

    um. what, no pictures of the newspaper pages?

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