We Have the Keys. So Many Keys.

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
Ported from the old blog.

Actually, after I changed the locks on the doors, almost all of these keys are in the trash now. Success.

We closed last Friday, and did a little work over the weekend, mostly changing the locks and cleaning out some of the trash the sellers left us.

Today, we got in to do some serious work, and when I left for work, Amy continued pulling up carpet. In one room, we found great wood floors; in the master bedroom, however, we found awful tile under some type of wood underlayment panels, and in the hallway, parquet. So, Lumber Liquidators is getting a surprise customer soon.

Not pictured: the macaroni on the floor.

Well, at least it’s looking bigger already.

The good floor — the worst wall paint.

We’ve started arranging the backyard, and we’ll get to cleaning it later. Now, time is of the essence to get the kitchen ready. The cabinets come next week, so we should be laying tile asap. We’ve got contractors coming on Thursday for some estimates, and will maybe getting a plumber and electrician after them. Not long after that, a roofer.

The kitchen, just begging to be gutted.

Here’s the thing that will hopefully require the least work, tho. All it needs is an outdoor couch and table and a big ol’ grill.

The shed is in the back corner now. Most of the trees
need some serious pruning attention.

Tomorrow: a big trip to Lowe’s for power tools and so much more.


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