It’s really hard to believe, but we’re kind of getting close to declaring Mission Accomplished. Of course, we have more projects to come, but we’ll be ready to show off the place soon. And have guests. Which is good, because a friend of ours is arriving Wednesday. He will, in fact, have a room to sleep in.

I keep looking back at the photos on this blog, and on my phone, and am amazed that we managed to pull this off. Good lord, were we ambitious. And overly optimistic on the amount of work we can do in a single day — that irrational exuberance continues. Still, we’re pretty excited. We’ve got some more light fixtures to replace, and some cleaning and additional little tasks (more caulking), but at least the days of generating huge amounts of trash are over.

Now, for a slapdash mini-tour.

The front door was dirty, and the moulding was falling apart. I caulked it up and Amy gave the door some character. Some new plants help (a second planter with the same plants is just below the light, which will be replaced, too).

Once you enter the new front door, you have a choice: climb the lovely new stairs, or head through the little hallway to the kitchen and living area. (Don't go upstairs without taking your shoes off!) Remember these stairs? Used to be covered in nasty carpet, stapled down with probably 4,000 staples. Maybe even a million. I'm just not sure.

Come on in, grab an ice-cold beer -- 38 degrees in the fridge, -2 in the freezer. Amy will tell you this makes bomb pops a weapon of lip destruction.

A Mose's-eye view of the kitchen, from his water goblet.

A closer look at the backsplash (still need a little more grout for one section, and Home Depot has been out of stock -- gah). And the touch-sensitive faucet, which has been far more useful than I would have suspected.

The closet formerly known as Hole in the Wall.

Just in time for record-breaking heat, the patio umbrella comes.


An Interim Update

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

We will have more to show off after this “weekend” of ours. Tomorrow is another big trip to Home Depot in the morning, and then lots of finishing touches all around. The kitchen, the spare bedroom, the stairway, the front door, the backyard. Lots of projects, big and small.

But over the last week plus we have had small successes. The counter came, which gave us a sink in the kitchen. That has been huge. We got a touch-sensitive faucet, which is awesome. We will have a full photo tour once everything is finished off, but trust me, it’s great. When the plumbers did the sink we learned we needed a piece of hardware for the dishwasher installation that was not included, for some insane reason. Apparently all these dishwashers need it but don’t include it. So I bought it for a penny (plus $4.99 shipping) from Amazon. We should have a dishwasher pretty soon.

We also installed closet systems in our bedroom. A new window ac upstairs has also been nice to have. I’ll call soon to replace the old one in the living room.

More pictures have been requested. With the caution that this is still in progress, here we go!








Oh yeah. The Mose likes trying to drink from the hose sprayer.

Catching Up

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since my last post, and we have been busy.

There is still plenty to do, but we are continuing to make good progress. Maybe tomorrow I can find some time for a fuller accounting of the last couple of weeks of work.

But here is a sneak preview of the kitchen. It’s probably 90 percent done now. The plumber comes tomorrow or Friday!


Note the dog’s glorious new water goblet!

Moving day

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are slowly settling in. Lots of unpacking, plus all the remaining work on the house. But I turned in our apartment keys today, and the grill out back has cooked us three meals. While we wait for the kitchen counter and sink.

The Internet guy came today, before the kitchen has a sink. There’s something revealing about that.


Moving out.


Moving in.

Time to Move

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, we’ll be moving in just a couple of days. As I look back through this blog, I find it hard to believe how different the place is. I’m sitting here, surrounded by stacks of boxes, and can barely remember the days before we were doing all of this renovation work. It will be a relief to finally move. And I can’t wait for that first cold beer on the back patio, while the dog sniffs around his backyard to his heart’s content.

I’ll spare you some of the incremental improvements in the kitchen and living room. For the kitchen, the key now is the counter and sink — and once that’s in, Amy can put up her fantastic backsplash. The living room will come together eventually. This summer, we’re going to spend a great deal of our time outside, anyway.

But, here are a couple of pictures of the bedrooms, looking pretty close to finished.

The master bedroom. Nice refinished floors, installed by us. Those sconces are ugly, but that's fixable.

The office-slash-spare-bedroom. Again -- but with baseboards!

The move is days away, and a whole bunch of our outdoor furniture will come, too. And an epic order from Astor Wines to stock our bar and wine fridge.

Can’t wait.

Ready for a Day Off

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey there. We planned on taking tomorrow off from house work, just to give ourselves a break before it’s time to start packing and panicking. But, since the floor guys did a pretty weak job (bubbles in the floor, almost everywhere, in addition to stray hairs), they’re coming back tomorrow to re-buff the floors and lay a final coat of poly, again.

We probably could have even used the day to finish off a couple of little things, but now the place will be off-limits for the day. I’ll do some gardening work, if it’s not raining, while the guys work. Then movie, dinner and packing.

However, we’re pretty much ready to move in. There’s still lots and lots to do, but the work that needed to be done so we could move in, is done.

Yesterday, we turned a hole in the wall between the two bedrooms into a closet. It was messy work, but we’re pretty excited that we’ve turned it into usable space. Whoever closed the hole left us a pile of construction debris and drywall. Which was super awesome. Anyway, we cleared that business yesterday, and now have a closet.

The kitchen started to come together further yesterday and today, and the whole place has been painted. The ceilings will need to be painted … weekend project! And the baseboards have been put back in place. It actually looks like a place that we might be willing to live in. Finally!

Now, more pictures! (Sorry about the same angles on the kitchen. Soon we’ll have some good wide shots.)

This used to be hollow wall! What the hell?

The kitchen grows ever closer. Pretty soon, we'll plug in -- and then stock -- the wine fridge.

I should have taken the shot with the baseboards reattached.

Coat one on the Stairs From Hell. We've got a surprise finish for them. Just you wait. It will blow minds!

Another Picture Post

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve gotta be up around 7 to be at the house at 8 for the floor guys. We’re making the final push here. Can’t wait.

So, here are some pictures.


Just waiting for the counter.

The yellow wall is gone, and after the finishers did their work today, the yellowed floor is a thing of the past.

Oil polyurethane has quite the strong smell.

What the old floor looked like before and after the sanding.

The secret to summer success.

This weird gazebo was left behind. It came in handy for shade for grill assembly, while the floor guys worked.